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Re: [ox-en] Re: Business opportuities based on Free Software

Hi Franz and all,

after the experiences on the German list, I have tried to avoid bringing up
P/P explicitly on [ox-en], and I still doubt this would be useful, because
those who are not on the German list don't even know what P/P is.  Can we
try to focus on issues directly instead?

(Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to you showing me "how in history the
 "producers" have often been the ones using and abusing other peoples lives
 in order to realize their dreams." -- maybe by private mail or on [ox].)

You can still dream of your "seedling form" developing entirely out of its
own potential and power, in reality it is an interaction between the
forces of the old and the new. Without Jimmy Wales there would be no
Wikipedia and thus no free content flagship project

I think this is a wrong conclusion.  Rather, Wales _prevents_ a genuine
anti-capitalist Free encyclopedia.  An old rule of war, expressed by
Sun Tzu, is that the best way of sabotaging a movement is to occupy
its leading positions with your own men (moles).  It is a way of hijacking.
This can be observed in various places, such as WWF or the German railways.

- and without IBM and
SUN FLOSS would be the hobby of an esoteric circle of technicians.

IBM and SUN are _hard_ware manufacturers.  Only when they start selling
Free Hardware can we say that we won.  But they're far from it!  On the
contrary, the hardware industry is trying to privatize/proprietarize
the Internet (abolishing "Network Neutrality"), and this would also
potentially strangle Free Software.

And why do you say that "FLOSS would be the hobby of an esoteric circle of
technicians" without IBM and SUN?  Isn't Linux supposed to beat Windoze on
the basis of superior quality --this is independent from IBM and SUN--, and
isn't FS supposed to be programmed by leisure-time volunteer programmers?
(as opposed to hired full-time programmers at IBM and SUN)

I think that increasingly the voluntary and productive activities of
communities like the Free Software communities will provide what the state
cannot provide. And only of the business world understands the value and
the needs of this entirely new sector, there will be a way out of the
vicious circle between state and capital.

thats what I tried to extrapolate here,

and I think I have found an extraordinary valuable resource in the
following site:

This site happens to be sponsored by George Soros, who also happens to
want to weaken/downsize the state, however he obviously isn't nearly an
anti-capitalist.  Soros "opens" (whole countries) to plunder, not to
liberate.  His "way out of the vicious circle between state and capital"
is to replace it by an even more vicious circle between big investors
and capital.  Weakening the state also weakens democratic accountability
but not capitalism.  In the end, even water is privatized, as are
previously public lands.  Then how do you practice Free Agriculture?

I smell something fishy there.


Contact: projekt

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