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Re: [ox-en] Re: Business opportuities based on Free Software

On Sun, 28 May 2006 20:38:07 +0200, Christoph Reuss <crox> wrote:

Of course the founder of a project has every right to treat it like his
personal kingdom,

an interesting discussion here regarding steering of to a community which is to a large extent unstructured (compared to companies, typical foundations and country-like structures) and where there are no clear ex ante power alloctaions.

i agree that the founders should have special rights because of their upfront investment of time, money and more. however, the more a project grows and the more people are affected and put their work into it, in my view, there is also a growing justification to come up with some kind of governance instrument to ensure that there can be a change in leadership. personally, i dont believe in typical elections where you get lots or promises right before election day and once the election day is over you get back to routine. but luckily there is the internet.

i read here that wikipedia could have made 300million accepting googleadsense. i understand (but do not share) the view that introducing money to such a project is not wanted. but why not just taking the money and donating it to amnesty or greenpeace or other pro-bono institutions? or even better give the money directly to poor people or buy food for villages or whatever 300 million can do. who made the decision not to take the money? personally, i find it quite irrational (im tempted to use another word) to reject 300 million "out of principle". even worse, there was no recourse to the people who make up wikipedia and no serious discussion on this and it seems that this decison was made by one or only a few people.

why not asking the community a simple yes-no question: "should there be adsense?" together with a short list of advantages and disadvantages (disadvantages of accepting adsense: (1) advertising on the site; (2) problem regarding distribution/; advantages: 300 poorest cities on this planet have enough food for x years.) if the community chooses no, so be it (at least there is some kind of democratic legimisation). if yes, here is a list of the 300 poorest cities on this planet. costs for administration are 1 million. with the rest we buy food.

wikipedia is far more than jimmy wales or a few in the top position. the fact that none of those questions comes up is imv quite irritating.
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