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Re: [ox-en] Re: Cooperation in Free Projects

Stefan Merten wrote:
Hi Stefan!

2 weeks (20 days) ago Stefan Seefeld wrote:
I'd be interested to go into detail, if this turns into a discussion. :-)

Should I put the series of postings of this kind to a temporary hold
so we can wait for your input and go into the details then? Or am I
misunderstanding something?

Well, I have gone at least into some detail by mentioning the GCC
project and its rather complex organizational structure. I find this to
be in stark contrast to your initial mail in this thread, where you describe
cooperation in very simplistic terms.

Isn't that enough to start a discussion ?

I also suggested (in a different mail, I believe) to distinguish between
'Free Software' and 'Open Source', not on ideological grounds, but to
be able to differentiate the various aspects that play a role here.

For example, Free Software as a legal framework doesn't imply any particular
Relations or Mode of Production. However, it is a requirement for Open Source
Software (as a process) to happen.

When you are talking about cooperation, using items such as 'informal',
'no fixed boundaries', etc., you seem to think of a very particular
(and in my opinion only minor) type of (small scale) OSS projects.
Most projects I'm working on are simply too big not to require
additional organizational structure.

Best regards,


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