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[ox-en] CouchSurfing, and the Center for Adventure Economics

I'm excited to see that Oekonux is still active. At OX-3 I spoke about
(calling myself Gunter van Aken). Since then I dropped out of my PhD, worked 4,5
months for Geekcorps in Mali, hitchhiked through Europe and South America,
worked for an NGO in Lima, Peru and...

Since August last year I have spent a lot of time on CouchSurfing, a hospitality
exchange network. Right after the Wikimania in August 2006 I joined
the CS Collective
in Montreal and set up a wiki. Since then I've also started improving
the CS website.
I am pushing for a release of the software under a free license. We
just started a GPL
(side) project to make CouchSurfing accessible trough phones:
And we're about to start a ride share system:

We coin the term adventure economy to refer to a gift economy that is
pay-forward, in-person, global and among strangers. In any economy,
there are challenges in allocating resources effectively and avoiding
abuse, but these are of special concern in non-market economies among
strangers, where we don't have the information mechanisms of the price
system ([1], [2]) nor of wikipedia:social relations, and we are also
missing the risk-reduction mechanisms of contracts. In this group we
develop the allocation and risk-reduction mechanisms for CouchSurfing,
an adventure economy.

Also check out:
*, July 2007, close
to Bielefeld

Contact: projekt

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