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Re: [ox-en] CouchSurfing, and the Center for Adventure Economics

Hi Kasper,

I like that way you capitalize on Wikipedia and run a POV wiki at the same
time. Great role model!

Besides Oekonux (what we did in Vienna - should
migrate into]  and P2P Foundation
this is the third attempt that I see to grab a birds-eye-view on the Free

Wonder how this could be aggregated. I work in german sometimes on the
Oekonux Wiki to keep this intention of "documenting free modes"  alive,
but I am feeling overwhelmed by the shere extent of the task (and other
things I do). And the more there is, the more you have to do research.
(see previous posting about fashion). I am not a friend of and
tag aggregation, I love the wiki way. Hope there will be a convergence and
a useful encyclopedia. Yes, we could link things much better with
consistent pointers at Wikipedia (and connecting it with our own critical

Maybe you lead the way?

all the best

Franz Nahrada

Contact: projekt

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