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Oekonux workshop at KLab9 (was: Re: [ox-en] Fwd: [pox] KLab9 Call for Contributions)

Hi Gregers, Raoul, all!

6 days ago Gregers Petersen wrote:
Stefan Merten wrote:
I could imagine going there and prepare a workshop. Anyone who would
like to join me?

If you want to take the initial initiatve, I'll join the
planning/execution of a workshop?

:-) :-)

6 days ago Raoul wrote:
I have very little experience with this kind of event and don't know very
well what a "workshop" can be.

I agree with Gregers that the term workshop is a rather vague term. I
think at the minimum the goal of a workshop is to care for active
involvment of all participants. In this case this would mainly mean
some general discussion. Also usually workshops are planned for a
longer time than for instance a talk - I'd say at least 2 hours with
no upper limit.

But I would like to join you... and Gregers.

:-) :-)

Very fine. I'm ready to take the initiative and I'm also ready to keep
in touch with the organizers.

As far as the topic of the workshop is concerned I'd relate to the

  This knowledge lab will address art and ways of critically thinking about
  our world. Within this broad region of enquiry, the lab will encompass
  notions of life and art as a political commitment, the influence art can
  exert in politics and how political ideas in turn influence art. It will
  also address new ways of making art and how this relates to technologies and
  social changes, and the use of art as an anti-capitalist means to change and
  fight the system.

I could imagine that a workshop which explores the options art has in
a political process under an Oekonux perspective would make much

For this I'd think it would make sense to have two parts: In the first
part we explain some central Oekonux ideas. I think this is necessary
because only then we can assume some common understanding among the
participants. In a second part we then discuss how these ideas can
relate to art.

Would this make sense to you? Other ideas?

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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