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Re: [ox-en] Re: transition from slavery to feudalism, mirror for transition from capitalism to peer society

I was reading that long email, and I have to say I agree with most of
you say there, utill this point:

On 9/4/07, Michael Bauwens <michelsub2003> wrote:
a recent thoughtpiece:
But I would like the readers to entertain the
following proposition, nl. That:
1)      The creation of non-monetary value is exponential
2)      The monetization of such value is linear
In other words, we have a growing discrepancy between
the direct creation of use value through social
relationships and collective intelligence (open
platforms create near infinite value through the
operations of the laws of Metcalfe and Reed), but only
a fraction of that value can actually be captured by
business and money. Innovation is becoming social and

It is so fashionable to quote Metcalfe or Reeds laws - but frankly it
is also so shallow.  Metcalfe law assumes that I see any value in
belonging to all of the 2^n possible groups of n people - I don't.
There might be some value in the possibility of a new group creation -
but the more groups there are the value is smaller - because the
groups overlap each other.

There is another analysis: that tries more
honestly analyse what is the value of a communication network of size
n and comes to the number around n log n.

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