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Re: [ox-en] DEMOS needs You (More than you Need DEMOS, perhaps)

For those who are interested:

--- Soenke Zehle <soenke.zehle> wrote:

Presumably DEMOS is interested in market-based
approaches, but who knows 
- take over their agenda, sz

"The open source movement has transformed the
software industry - what 
could it do for innovation in manufacturing? As
environmental and health 
challenges loom, we need to re-think how we produce
in the future. 
Imagine we could use open source components in a
cut-and-paste product 
design process, and print the results in three
dimensions. Would we need 
centralised factories and assembly lines, or would
we just need our own 
computer and 3-D printer? Demos is looking for
partners on a project 
exploring the implications of open source for
production and 
manufacturing. Contact jack.stilgoe for
more information"
Contact: projekt

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