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Re: [ox-en] Re: transition from slavery to feudalism, mirror for transition from capitalism to peer society

Hi Michel

Michael Bauwens wrote:

however, in david laibman's deep history (which I
strongly recommend I read), after his overview of
anthropological literature:

"markets have been known throughout all recorded
history, there are no known cultures without any

"...all recorded history.." is in this respect a very important part of
the argument.
Who's is doing the recording and what are they interested in recording?

Back to an earlier point in this discussion --> If you look for a market
you will find a market, which to me is not the same as there is a market.

I'm an anthropologist and I'm not willing to argue the point that
markets have always existed and that they exist in all cultures - and
this discussion reminds me to much of all the year other anthropologists
have spend "discusssing" if shells and stone are 'money' (until they
decided that they are objects of a different nature - and quickly left
the subject).

It's much more interesting to talk about value - in respect to talking
about 'values' (in the plural); what it the primary value of the society
you'r imagining?


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