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Krisis in English? (was: Re: [ox-en] Jacques Wajnsztejn's new book)

Hi Raoul, Graham, Michel, all!

2 days ago Raoul wrote:
The second title of the book is  "A critical presentation of the group
Krisis". I could agree with some of the crititicism JW makes about Krisis,

So far I thought Krisis is mainly known in the German realm - because
the texts are in German. Are there English translations (which I think
are a challenge in itself since the Krisis people employ a quite
elaborated language...).

For those who don't know what we are talking about: Krisis thinking is
certainly a root of Oekonux. It is a Germany / Austria based group
which updates Marx' thoughts in a very interesting and elaborate way.
As part of this they criticize the worker movement very heavily. A few
years ago they forked into (still) Krisis and the Exit! group.

but my main divergences are about two of the central ideas of the book: "the
'evanescence' of value" and "the 'inessencialisation' of  work".

These things seem to me quite fashionable since Empire talked of this
- in it's post-Operaist way. Could it be that there is a connection?

Even if I share the old Marxian idea that the law of value becomes more and
more difficult to apply as the social production becomes more and more
"collective" and "scientific", it seems to me absurd to conclude that today
the value has disappeared and the work has become something inessential.
That sounds all the more strange in an epoch where one of the main
historical realities is the spectacular capitalist development in countries
like China and India because of the price of the local work-force.
I'll probably have to come back on these questions when commenting his last

Would certainly be interesting to hear about and discuss.



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