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Re: [ox-en] Re: Governments using Free Software

On 2007-11-28 20:25, graham wrote:
I now see instead that
it is so poisonous that it is rejected before it is swallowed. Unless
it has a fully capitalist form (eg. produced by IBM employees for
wages and distributed with their equipment, in IBMs original
commercial model from the 60s) it disrupts capitalism too much. IT
managers' power depends too much on the money they spend, on the
contacts they have exclusively with particular companies, for them to
accept it. It blocks the flow of capital and power within the firm,
and within government departments.

I don't understand what the poison is and how it works. Blocking the 
flow of capital? Where does a commercial OS approach blocks capital? 

I share your observations, but I want to understand, what is happing 
there, and I don't.

Could you explain?


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