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Re: [ox-en] Re: [ox-en] built-in infinite growth (was: Re: Meaning of markets, scarcity, abundance)

Dmytri Kleiner wrote:

There exist many examples of production-maximizing, yet pre-monetary and
pre-capitalist societies,
such as the Potlatch phenomenon of the Pacific Northwest.

could you be so kind to point towards the source of this statement, that
Potlatch equals production-maximizing ?

Money's emergence does not come from market exchange, but rather as tribute
and prestige-exchange. While money
exists in antiquity, the great majority of direct producers did not join
the money economy in their own exhange
relations until the industrial revolution, money was primaraly used as a
form of tribute and in the circulation
of prestige goods, which sometime _where_ money, i.e. Kula.

Regarding 'Kula' - the anthropological community has a number of years
ago reached the consensus that 'kula' is/where not money. So it might be
difficult to continue this assumption as an argument ...


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