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[ox-en] Rivaly of non-rivalry

Hi Patrick

I accidentally deleted your contribution, so I'm starting a new thread.

What you write is of course true, and it is a very important reminder about the material basis of everything we do.

Nevertheless, if people like Yochai Benkler,Mark Cooper, and even myself, write about non-rival or anti-rival resources, we are not denying these truths.

Simply that in a particular context, the specific polarity of a good induces very important logical and physical qualities, which require differential treatment. Of course, occasional, we or some others may go astray, forgetting that physical basis, but in fact we know it.

That both the song and bread have a physical basis is one thing, nevertheless, because of the marginal cost of reproducing a song over an already existing and available network, it still makes more sense to share, rather than sell it, so different solutions must be found to fund that 'general infrastructure'.

What you say doesn't change that, or does it?

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