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Re: [ox-en] Some notes on value..

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similarly Adam: do the esteem authors not specifically differentiate their
defintion from that of reputation, I remember glancing at that book and
seeing it somewhere,


On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 2:14 PM, Gregers Petersen <gp.ioa> wrote:

Adam Arvidsson wrote:

At any rate such esteem-based currencies can develop alongside the=20=20
monetary economy. For example:

Two questions (quick versions):

1. How does your use of 'esteem' relate to 'social capital' (especially
Bourdieu), is it different (some comments does introduce the term
"currency in respect to social capital) in its relation to notions of

2. Aren't you just pulling the 'esteem' based currency into a model of
economy comparable to the monetary - and hereby merging the two under
'the market umbrella'?


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