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Re: [ox-en] built-in infinite growth (was: Re: Meaning of markets, scarcity, abundance)

Wed, 27 Feb 2008 19:29:26 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED] Stefan Meretz wrote:

The prime simply says: M' > M

At one level of abstraction though, it´s just getting the maths
wrong, or rather an inability, or reluctance to move past an
approximate solution to a large set of simultaneous equations, the
likes of which marx wrote upon in capital, viz:

    "20 yards of linen = 1 coat, or
     20 Yards of linen are worth 1 coat."

In part one of capital, marx shows how money becomes the approximate
solution and then in part two, how the errors in the universal
equivalent, come home to haunt us as money transforms in to capital.

Wunt it just be lovely if we worked in a green field site and we
could bang all these equations in to a great big matrix and flip the
whole thing over with something like the simplex method rather than
having the solution tied to something as ergonomically catastrophic
as capital :)

However, I don't understand what you want to calculate. On the level of values (not prices) there is nothing to calculate.

not sure
i´ve gone off the boil with this thread
the above i wrote mainly as a quick strife against capital
i had some picture in my head of a method of exchange
based on a style of mathematics other than that of mammon
but in any case
i don´t think i´m really on to anything here
not even as a thought experiment

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