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Re: [ox-en] Digital Utopianism

On Mon, 4 Feb 2008 14:31:15 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED] (GMT) Dmytri Kleiner wrote:
Once again, you are arguing that the fact that there is milk
in the store means that milk comes from stores, and thus cows
are no longer a factor of it's production.

Neo-con economists happen to argue exactly that way.  (A famous one
literally complained that Switzerland has too many cows!  And a U$
neo-con asked on camera: "Why does Boeing need engineers, anyway?"!)
Makes you wonder who is paying the piper...

At the end of the day, people still have to eat, and live somewhere in
the physical world -- and that world is _finite_ (and disappearing),
no matter how much the virtual utopianists are fantasizing about fabbers...


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Thread: oxenT04444 Message: 13/15 L1 [In index]
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