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Re: [ox-en] Peer Economy. A Transition Concept.

Christian Siefkes wrote:

 there doesn't seem to be a general-purpose directory collecting detail
information (which projects can add and edit themselves) over all kinds of
free design projects. Or did I overlook something? Anyone knows better? --
Graham, I assume you would know whether there exists some such
general-purpose "Free Design Directory"?

And if it doesn't yet exist, maybe it would be a good idea to set it up?

At any point in time over the last few years there has been someone somewhere trying to do this, and I'm sure there is now too (though I haven't looked lately). There is even one by an oekonux member which was presented at the last conference..

There are also some people trying to set up general electronics designs directories, some of which last longer than others.

IMO the reason they have not had more success than they have is because 'design' is too general. Even 'electronic design' is too general (do you mean chips, or embedded systems, or...). A general directory can't specialise enough to be useful for any particular context.

IMO more useful than starting another listing would be an adaptation of DOAP which would allow a design search engine to find designs held within their natural, specialised context.


Best regards

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