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Re: [ox-en] Re: "At Cost"

On Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 2:01 PM, Franz Nahrada <f.nahrada> wrote:
Patrick writes:

If you are stranded, alone on an island, price equals cost, right?

since there is no money and no monetary exchange, there is neither price
nor cost.

I see.  I've always thought of one's own labor as a cost, and also the
exclusionary use of things (such as planting some wheat seeds instead
of grinding and baking them) as a cost.  Also, the wear on any tools
you have made I was considering a cost.

What if one of your friends is there with you?

We can decide to share our production and its benefits or we can decide to
establish a market ;-)

Yes, that's the sticky part.

It sounds like you are suggesting a 'market' is more efficient than
'sharing' (I put those words in quotes because they can mean so many
different things, and I'm not sure what you intend).  You may be
right.  I wonder how we can determine that...

I think we can have both a market (the trading of goods an services)
AND we can have prices either equal to or approaching cost.  I don't
think this would inhibit trade, in fact I think it would facilitate
it, but again, how can we even talk about such ideas to prove them
right or wrong.  I'm being serious; communicating these things is a
major problem for me, and I wonder if I'm not alone in the difficulty.

But Franz, if keeping price above cost is really one of our goals, how
can we make sure that they rise and stay above cost as the community

What I mean, is: under what conditions (of ownership in my opinion) do
prices rise above cost, and under what other conditions do they
approach or reach cost?
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