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Re: [ox-en] Re: "At Cost"

list-en writes:

In Capitalist societies, actually everything tends to be sold at cost.

Of course this is the vulgar surface impression, it  includes the "Cost of
Capital" ;-) So on the surface of Capitalist production you have three
forms of costs that are really porms of profit:

- the "wage" of the entrepreneur
- the "interest" of capital
- the "revenue" of landowners, include intellectual property owners, force

These interests are served by the surplus value that emerges from the
difference of "costs" and "value" (price)

Of course these costs are determined in a process of competition. The rate
of profit is a dynamic game.

But it is a mistake to think that cooperatives can outcompete capital by
bringing down price to costs - they are faced with the fine art of
exploitation and their work is de-valuated.

As you note, even simple reproduction has to calculate a difference
between price and costs because of losses, damage etc.

cooperative can survive if they create a different "internal" cycle within
that is not based on price and costs, but on maximum overall effectiveness.

I did not want to go so deep into the matter, but I hope we can treat this
another time.


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Thread: oxenT04596 Message: 20/93 L12 [In index]
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