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Re: [ox-en] There is no such thing like "peer money"

Michel Bauwens writes:

Thanks for the clarification.

I think that was necessary since a long time.

Question: does stressing the value-lessness of the reallyu valuable
not in the end means we accept the capitalist logic, i.e. by saying that
what has no exchange value has no 'value', we confirm the money logic.

My sharp critique is that we have no language to express this positively.

We need to critically unveil the "Spell" that makes things turn against
us, in this respect the "negative business" of Marxists is OK. (see below)

But if we end up in ONLY that we are dead. 

So my take is rather to stress the value of things that have no exchange
value, yet are extremely valuable for humanity.

Its just a pity that we have no better word for that yet.

Furthermore, from my readings, it seems that even within Marxism (and
certainly amongst post-Marxists like Negri) many have abandoned the labour
theory of value.

I recently meditaded about the labour theory of value and I ended up with
the conclusion that Negri and alii cannot explain why there is production
at all.

Although it seems to me that the form - side of this is MOST important and
only the form-analyses can clarify the labor theory of value. That there
is a social "substance" of quantitative nature that materializes in
"value-forms" like Money, Capital etc. - I mentally grew up in the school
of Mike Roth, a not-so-popular Marxist ( from
Konstanz, who has given by far the best account of labour theory of value
that I know. When I read Negri and similar stuff, I have the feeling of
being divided from reality by theory.

Mike or some person close to him has started a blog in english language
recently and its worth looking at:


Mike was disappointed from Germany and went to Australia (He told me in
1974 about Australian unions and their green bans - until he discovered
there was big lack of green in their bans), so he is one of the persons or
even may be the one key person that can bridge value-critical modern
german marxism with the english speaking world.

He is also deeply trained in linguistics and logotherapy, maybe a great
coincidence. Some of the blogposts are directly related to the usage of

But in any case, it is always difficult to use a private language in a
public forum, and perhaps just as good a strategy to accept common usage,
but to inflect it.

Thats hard to do, in favor of Stefan I have to say that the "unreflected
usage" of terms should be avoided as well....


Contact: projekt

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