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Re: [ox-en] The i-WAT system.

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Hi Stefan,

it all depends how you define 'peer to peer money,

in my understanding, it is money that is socially produced (hence, neither
by state decision nor bank fiat), and that different rules of operation,

there are many variations used by thousands of communities

you can start by wading through,
which has information on many models

the virtual models based on affinity groups seems not to have taken off,

but physical communities are a plenty, so it also depends "where" you live,

of course, all these communities still live in the larger economy, and
therefore, all of them are still very partial in that sense; they are also
higher treshold than regular money, requiring some commitment in time and
involvement with the community of users

here are some experts: "Thomas Greco -- thg" <thg>, "Bernard
Lietaer" <blietaer>, "michael linton" <
michael.linton>, "Georg Pleger" <georg>,

Bernard Lietaer has recently been comparing open money software suites,

Good luck, and tell us of your experiences,


On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 8:58 PM, Stefan Noack <noackstefan>wrote:

Hi all,

I've been following the list for sime time and often read the term
"Peer-to-Peer Money". So i researched what that is and I am truly
amazed by the idea! I instantly want to participate in such a system.
Though, i could not find anything "real" on the internet, most of that
what i found was discussions. So I ask - is there already a community
that practices Peer-to-Peer money economy? I also think that it would
be nice to have a piece of software that makes it easy to start a new
local peer economy.

Best Regards

Contact: projekt

Working at - -

Volunteering at the P2P Foundation:  - -

Monitor updates at

The work of the P2P Foundation is supported by SHIFTN,

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Contact: projekt

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