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Money trickery vs. peer production (was: Re: [ox-en] The i-WAT system.)

Hi StefanN and all!

Today Stefan Noack wrote:
I've been following the list for sime time and often read the term
"Peer-to-Peer Money".

Unfortunately this is probably true :-( .

So i researched what that is and I am truly
amazed by the idea!

Well, let me say that money in general has nothing to do with peer
production - which the Oekonux project is about. Look at Free Software
or Wikipedia where money - if it exists at all - is only at the
borders but not at the core.

Money trickery does the opposite putting money to the core and make
the society revolve around it - like in capitalism. Since the absence
of money is one of the cornerstones of peer production theoretically
and practically something like peer production money is a
contradiction in terms. (I can't speak of P2P money because P2P to
most people means illegally copying music or movies.)

I instantly want to participate in such a

There have been countless of such systems for about 100 years now and
they all failed. And there are reasons for this. Reasons which are
constantly ignored by alternative money proponents.

Ideas like this come up if the standard money system gets into a
crisis and people have no idea how to go on without money. Peer
production shows how to go on without money. Probably for the first
time in history this is the case.

Though, i could not find anything "real" on the internet,
most of that what i found was discussions.

What you see is a clear indication that it is in fact a political
ideology rather a practical reality. Again: The opposite of peer
production where you see discussions *after* the practical projects
came into being.

Well, this is a long debate. You may want to check the archive for
countless threads - though most of them are somewhat pointless because
neither side is ready to accepts premises of the other side.

I for one think that theory *and* practice make a clear distinction
between money trickery and peer production. I choose peer production
because this is the future. Either this or there will be none.


Contact: projekt

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