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[ox-en] Re: Annuals

Hi list!

Athina's original mail contained a Word document. Since Athina is not
subscribed here the mail need processing anyway and I attach the
standardized document below.

Today Athina Karatzogianni wrote:

What I would propose I am not sure if its the same with michel's, if it is,
then apologies, I must be confusing altermative with alternate

anyway what i see very feasible

is P2PResearch group helping both p2pfoundation and oekonux, plus any other
community in the future as we expand. The idea would be to have a
P2PResearch Group conference every november and every two years the p2prg
can help have an okoenux one in march

so it could look sth like this to speak of dates etc

March 2010 p2prg/p2pfoundation/oekonux - Inauguration of P2Presearch Group
(nov is too soon to get abstracts in time and organize funding)
Nov 2010 p2prg/p2pfoundation
Nov 2011 p2prg/p2pfoundation then  March 2011 with Oekonux
Nov 2012 p2prg/p2pfoundation
Nov 2013 p2prg/p2pfoundation then March 21013 with Oekonux

and so on

we can then as individuals to bid in for holding conferences in their
universities/countries if we know what we are doing

i am trying to collate a feedback from the questionnaire to see what people
want from a P2PRG
can those of you that havent responded do so? it is attached here

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