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Re: [ox-en] Marginalism - the religion

How can an industrial engineer not understand the concept of friction?

friction produces heat, electric resistance produces heat in electric
networks, yes I understand that, so?

If the cost is small, it is not zero. If it's not zero it has to be paid for
somehow or else your model (or engine) runs aground.

friction and cost? what are the relationship?

we have marxian transformation problem between values and prices, but
I  dont know a economic theory linking physics and economy, there was
attemps (georgescu)  but,  .....

There is no free lunch. Period.

economy do noy obey conservation laws

there are lunch places which PRODUCES money and goods.

of course they obey first and second thermo laws, but costs, prices
and values are not orthonormal with energy and matter

you can have a sistem which transforms energy and matter obeying
physics laws,but increasing value

you have live

You have to socialize the cost which you are thinking of as marginal, but
which is far greater than you seem to be able to accept.

do you have actual numbers?

You can scale the cost in your mind anyway you wish, from holistic cost all
the way down to marginal cost, and every scale in between but it is still
cost and if it's not paid for by someone or society as a whole, on equal
basis not ways that enforce scarcity and promote monopolies, then your
engine can go on running, but if you dismiss it as marginal you're engine
will run aground sooner or later.

internet  is growing, growing, growing
and reducing values of telco companies .....

economy is not closed, capital is not a "conservative" variable

in fact every crisis show zillions of money disapearing.

Diego Saravia
Contact: projekt

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