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Re: [ox-en] Apple trees (aka capitalism) are bad. What about barter exchange?

Hi Evgeni and all!

Yesterday Evgeni Pandurski wrote:
The biggest problem with money is that it basically introduces artificial
scarcity of one
particular good - the money itself.

No. Money just encodes the scarcity an exchange based system must
introduce to make exchange necessary at all. If you have abundance
then you don't need exchange. You can not sell an abundant good (like
Free Software).

Given the productive capacity of today we already could have abundance
of many, many things. The exchange system prevents this and must do so
to continue it's operation.

I propose a kind of generalization of barter which I call "Circular Exchange
Trading System" or
CETS. The ordinary barter is a special case of circular exchange of goods
where there are
only 2 participant in the exchange. General idea is that lots of people
declare what
they have for sale and what they seek to buy and the computerized system
offers them
appropriate circular barter transaction.

You are just introducing money. What is appropriate? You can not
compare the use value of totally different things. The use value of a
computer is completely different from the use value of a trip around
the world. There is no such thing as "appropriate" here.

If you want to compare incomparable things you need to introduce a
common measure. In today's exchange based systems this is the abstract
labor that is materialized in the good. This is in fact the beginning
of the road to hell.

I would
be glad to hear from you all possible critiques of the idea I presented to

My cent. If you want to know understand this better then just read
Marx' capital. The first few chapters should give you a better idea of
what you are thinking of.


Contact: projekt

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