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Re: [ox-en] Apple trees (aka capitalism) are bad. What about barter exchange?

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On Sat, Apr 25, 2009 at 12:12 AM, Diego Saravia <diego.saravia>wrote:

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No scarcity - no need for exchange. Hopefully someday we will get there.

I dont like to paint my house, and I like to teach

why dont exchange?

without scarcity aour world will be devasted earlier

infinite growing is only prevented by scarcity.

Not true. We are not bacterias! Sustainability can be a conscious decision.
was hoping some day human kind to contemplate  this possibility :)

I think sooner or later we have to obtain a better understanding of money
and trading
than Marx's. I personally have not read Marx and probably never will. If
we would to have
read the same books we all would have the same thoughts and nothing new
would be invented.


invention is INVENTION, new things over the shoulders of giants :)

marx do not use mathematics, frobenious-perron theorem was not know in his

I recommend Analytical foundations of marxian economic theory. Roemer
isbn 0 521 34775 0

Well sorry. I did not mean to offend anybody. I am just a do it yourself guy
who likes to
come to certain ideas by himself instead of reading hundreds of books.

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