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[ox-en] OpenAccess P2P / Oekonux journal

Hi list!

Behind the scenes there is another initiative growing :-) . With
permission I post two important mails of this thread here.

------- Forwarded Messages

Date:  Mon, 20 Apr 2009 09:20:02 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]
From:  Stefan Merten
To:  Athina Karatzogianni
Cc:  Michel Bauwens

Dear Athina and Michel,

first I think it would be most useful to put this thread to [ox-en] so
more people can listen to it and get interested. Could you please give
me your permission to post it there? Or send a publishable version? In
any case it needs to be soon so others can give their input in an
early phase of the idea.

3 days ago Athina Karatzogianni wrote:
lets create an online journal P2PResearch Jounal to begin with

That is a *brilliant* idea! A real (semi-)scientific OpenAccess style
journal is overdue!

When thinking of similar projects First Monday and the big repository
founded by Eric v. Hippel comes to mind (could be at but I'm not 100% sure).

We need to make clear where we differ here - though from my
perspective this is not too hard to tell.

and i ll edit
the papers with anyone else interested in doing that.


I have never edited a paper for a scientific publication but - given
enough time - I'm a strong analyzer and can certainly help improve

At the same time we
can propose to publishers a volume.

I see. However, I'm less interested in books which are more for
scientific libraries than for readers.

I propose, as you and michel where the organizers to ask for papers with
deadline maybe september its reasonable all papers to be included in an
online journal hosted in oekonux/hull/p2p foundation web sites with creative
commons license or whatever you wish.

That would be a voluntary thing then. I require slides or papers from
speakers as conference documentation and most decide for slides...

As far as licenses are concerned: The speaker FAQ for the conference
assumes CC-BY-SA:

Everyone who wants to be at the
editorial board on that can be also.


I propose the following text to be sent signed by you and michel at the
oekonux speakers list (please edit as appropriate)

"Dear All,

After the successful presentations and papers at the 4th Oekonux conference,
we propose that there would be some form of conference proceedings to begin
with, before an eventual hard copy publication. This will be in a form of an
inaugural online P2PResearch Journal. We welcome whoever wants to be
involved in editing the journal with us. Further plans on publishing in hard
copy with a mainstream publisher can be discussed when we know what we have
in our hands. The journal can be a good way of knowing that, and will
provide proceedings from the conference we can all use for future reference
to begin with. Please send your papers by the 31st of September the latest
if you want them to be considered for the journal and for hard copy

In principle: Yes. We need to sort out how important the hardcopy
should be and whether the focus will be on conference proceedings or
to start a OpenAccess journal more generally.

My cents: No hardcopy to begin with and start a general OpenAccess
journal where the conference can be the topic of the first issue.

I dont know what you think, Michel and Stefan, if you agree then we need a
mechanism so I can get all papers as soon as possible.

I'm gathering stuff already for a complete conference documentation
and Michel also has some in his blog. This week will start putting
documentation to [ox-en] and the conference website.

This is a big job,


we need an editorial board and get more people involved.

Yes. See my suggestion to put it to [ox-en].

I can edit the journal, and propose to a publisher on my own if need be i ve
done both before michel was on one of my volumes, but it ll be easier if you
organized the material to get to me somehow and have a couple of more people
to do leg work with me (hands on editing and selection). The greatest
difficult in these things is to get people to give you the work (and i mean
getting them to write the paper!!).

Yes. This is why I surrendered already and just require slides as
conference documentation. And even these are impossible to get from
some speakers...

If I have your permission I can start
bothering people. Also lets get this organized to have an online journal
before the march inauguration of the p2prg to have something show for

2 days ago Michel Bauwens wrote:
OK, we have two things here, which I believe we best handle separately,

one is a journal, the other one or more books

Yes. See above.

going for a special issue of the oekonux conference is one way, going for
thematic issues is another, I personally think that the latter would be of
greater interest, as we can sweep all the issues of interest.

Well, these are all questions which depend much on the concrete setup.
If we have issues published at fixed time intervals then I think it is
harder to have special issues. If on the other hand we just publish
articles when they are done then the question of a special issue
doesn't arise at all.

This does not mean we cannot process the oekonux material on the contrary,
but I would set up a thematic calendar, and then use the oekonux material,
not just of conf 4, but of the 3 preceding ones as well.

I'm willing to be co-editor, as long as somebody else takes the lead.

Me too.

Also, I think each thematic issue should have its own guest editors.

Here's a suggestion, for the very first issue, perhaps we can entitle it:
Lessons from the Free Software economy? and Stefan Merten could be guest
editor, and draw on the material of every oekonux conference? Older
contributors would be asked to update their articles for publications.

A second issue would be dedicated to "From free software to open hardware",
and draw on contributions related to that.

A third issue could be dedicated to distributed infrastructures in general.

See above about the general setup.

Important issue: the name?

Very important. Personally I'd prefer something with "peer production"
in it.

Please note I'm for doing this an an academic enterprise, but not excluding
non-academic authors as long as quality is there. Doing a popular magazine
would be a different matter, necessary, but separate.

We need to find a very good balance between academia and activists. I
think the good mixture here is one of the key success factors of
Oekonux. Just another scientific journal does not make sense to me.



------- Message 2

Date:  Mon, 20 Apr 2009 15:21:08 +0700
From:  Michel Bauwens <michelsub2004>
To:  Stefan Merten
Cc:  Athina Karatzogianni

Hi Stefan, Athina,

what about this title:

P2P Research, A Journal for the Study of Peer Production, Governance, and

It should be open access, but also in my view, a scientific journal like
First Monday, even as it can experiment with open peer review. The important
thing is to combine publication with credibility,

For reading, just putting articles on the web is enough,  but for deep
social influence and changing institutions, I think we have to partially
adapt to the requirements of publishing.

Of course, I do agree with the need for balance with activism as well.
Perhaps each issue could be subdivided in two sections, one for theory and
research; one for concrete case studies and initiatives?

Here's a possible program, for 3 issues a year:

Issue 0: Five years of Oekonux (the best of the 4 conferences)

Issue 1) P2P Theory: basic theoretical approaches to understand the
phenomena, including the oekonux approach, p2p-f etc...

2) Peer production: the shift to physical production

3) Modalities of Governance

4) Peer Property

5) What is Openness

6) Participatory Approaches to Value Creation

7) the Commons

------- End of Forwarded Messages

Contact: projekt

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