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Re: [ox-en] Re: What prevents ampleness?

Diego Saravia wrote:
some of us were lone islanders in pacific islands for example, small
families in each island.

And these lone islanders, although living in an environment of abundance
where it was possible to eat without working, developed exchange systems...

And what's bad about interest?  Well, it redistributes wealth(*) from the
poorer ~80% (those who pay more interest than receiving interest) to the
richer ~20% (those who receive more interest) of the population.
In Germany alone, this redistribution amounts to a whopping 1 Billion
Euros PER DAY.

(*) Note that this works not only with money, but with any items.
    (E.g. the medieval tithe was usually paid with food by peasants.)
    I.e. abolishing money wouldn't solve this problem.


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Thread: oxenT05555 Message: 1/4 L0 [In index]
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