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Re: [ox-en] Re: What prevents ampleness?

Stefan Meretz wrote:
On 2009-05-01 14:53, Patrick Anderson wrote:
My point is that "may not eat if you do not work" is not caused by
the exchange system, but is an inherent part of reality.

This is a myth -- explained in another mail.

Do you refer to this one?:

The difference here in the list between the, say it friendly, "money-
modifiers" and the "get-rid-of-money" fraction is, that the money-
modifiers assume, that value/money can be changed at will.

The value of money itself is changing all the time, with inflations
and "money reforms", it has become volatile and arbitrary since
the gold standard has been abandoned and fiat money at less than 5% of
its nominal value is being used instead of real values.  Especially
Germans should know this best, since they lost so much in the last
century's monetary "reforms", the last of which being the Euro.

Getting rid of money is clearly not the solution, because the mechanisms
of exploitation work without money too, and even without an exchange system,
as exploitation has been around before money and exchange even existed.
At most, you can say that the present _use of_ money maximizes exploitation.
But this admits that the use of money, rather than money itself, is the
problem, and this shows the need to take a closer look at that use.
This problematic use is fiat money and interest (usury) and all the
trickery in financial instruments that created the present banking crisis,
which is the climax of redistributing wealth from poor to rich!

Money is a red herring, a fetish even for those who fight money, distracting
from the real problem.  The problem is not exchange of values, but
insatiable greed and fraudulent manipulations of values.  This prevents

Can animals eat if they do not work?

Yes. They definitely don't work. Creating livelihood by producing is a
domain of humans.

What's the difference between a human hunter and an animal that hunts its
food?  Note that not all humans create their livelihood by producing --
actually, those who produce are even becoming a minority in the modern
"service society", and a relatively poor minority at that, while the
richest humans do NOT produce, even those who "work"!  So you can't
define work by producing.


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