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Profit and Value, was: Re(2): [ox-en] extrinsic motivation = coercion

Smari  writes:
We shouldn't need to ban usury. One of the core tenets of neo-liberal
price theory is that, in a free market competition will force profit to
zero. (see definition of 'normal profit' for more on this).

that is very interesting, I never heard of that.

If profit is zero, there will be no production.

For me the best "proof" of the "labour theory of value" is simply the fact
that there is production.

If labour would not add value that can be turned into profit, there would
be no capitalistic production, no transsubstantiation of money into means
of production and labour force.

This is - by the way - the ultimate solution of the riddle of the "proof"
of value.

therefore value is not "at cost", this is a big error. Nobody would
produce for selling "at cost". And if we consider a non-market economy,
the term "cost" makes no sense as well as the term "profit"...

and we see that logically interest or usury are logical consequences of
this process, not the other way round.


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