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Re: [ox-en] No more money trickery propaganda please

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This mailing list is overrun by unchecked, unabashed post-modernism of
the highest degree. While I share in your collective interests, insights
and inspirations, I am deeply troubled by the lack of low-level critique
being imposed on existing systems.

For p2p concepts to evolve, we must tear everything apart, rip down
every concept, break every rule, and look at what we have when we have

Interest, disinterest, demurrage, murrage; every single concept related
to us through the monetary system, and any other system we take for
granted, is volatile and dangerous.

The "propaganda" stems from the fact that whenever we think of these
things, we have no other tools to think about these things with than
those provided to us by these things. Poststructuralism has no response
to this line of reasoning - if you really, truly want to dig at the
roots of a problem, a new notation must be created for the problem.

Every single time we mention such concepts as usury as if it were a law
of nature, we are one step closer to failing at our goal.

Please, please, eye on the ball.

  - Smári

p.s., I still have no way to articulate exactly what it is about
post-modernism that annoys the hell out of me. Suggestions welcomed.

Stefan Merten wrote:
Hi Michel and other money tickery advocates!

Last week (8 days ago) Michel Bauwens wrote:
The political issue is the following: interest breeds accumulation, since it
becomes interesting to keep your money,

Again I only can hope that you know that this is propaganda. If this
would be true it would suffice to keep money under the cushion to get
interest. This is obvioulsy wrong. You get only interest if you give
your money away (as explained in the beginning of this sub-thread).

Again: I would kindly ask you to stop this money trickery propaganda.

An example are the gothic cathedrals, built in a period of
demurrage, such long term thinking and value investment is impossible in an
interest-based system.

This is propaganda and I guess you know it. Please stop it.


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