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The challenges of Oekonux (was: Re: [ox-en] No more money trickery propaganda please)

Hi Smári and all!

2 days ago Smári McCarthy wrote:
This mailing list is overrun by unchecked, unabashed post-modernism of
the highest degree. While I share in your collective interests, insights
and inspirations, I am deeply troubled by the lack of low-level critique
being imposed on existing systems.

For p2p concepts to evolve, we must tear everything apart, rip down
every concept, break every rule, and look at what we have when we have

I agree that we need a radical approach. This also means that people
need to be ready to forget their old ideologies - at least for a
minute. To me this seems to be one of the fundamental challenges of

Nonetheless we have a reality. And we should research this reality -
difficult as it is sometimes. And we need to try to explain reality -
by theories which match reality later. To simply refuse reality is not
an option.

Interest, disinterest, demurrage, murrage; every single concept related
to us through the monetary system, and any other system we take for
granted, is volatile and dangerous.

The "propaganda" stems from the fact that whenever we think of these
things, we have no other tools to think about these things with than
those provided to us by these things.

We have reality. And in reality you can not keep your money and get
interest for it. This just does not exist.

If we refuse reality even in such simple and obvious instances then it
is pointless to talk about more complex theory.

Poststructuralism has no response
to this line of reasoning - if you really, truly want to dig at the
roots of a problem, a new notation must be created for the problem.

Yes. This is the another challenge. And the third challenge is to
support the birth of a peer production based society.


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