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Re: [ox-en] selbst-ent-falt-ung = self-un-fold-ing

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On 06/12/10 15:28, Stefan Meretz wrote:
On 2010-06-04 12:25, Franz Nahrada wrote:
Selbstentfaltung was a refuge for us in Oekonux
to make a difference -
a terminological difference that originated in critical psychology
also Anette Schlemm ues this frequently
There is a short text in german:

Someone proposed to use "thrivability" for Selbstentfaltung:

Not bad, but I am not convinced. I don't like "we must do" sentences, 
because Selbstentfaltung is basically something I _like_ to do (no 
normatives, please).

Anette also has a text in English, a lot of which coincides with your
previous mail:

However, her conclusions still sound to me rather 'normative':

"We hope that we can build a society, in which Mutual Self-Development
("Selbst-Entfaltung") will be the main principle of societal
self-organisation proceeded from free societal individuals."




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