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Re: [ox-en] Centralized peer production

2010/7/10 Patrick Anderson <agnucius>:
Stefan Merten wrote:
The example [of centralized production]
I'm usually using is that of the Linux kernel.

Stefan Meretz wrote:
To me the linux kernel is an example for a
_decentralized_ peer production

You are both correct.

This confusion arises when we don't differentiate between the Type of
a thing and one specific Instance (or copy) of that thing.

The Linux 'mainline' Instance is very clearly under the central
authority of the self-declared benevolent dictator Linus Torvalds.

But every other copy is decentralized because the software is
protected by the GNU GPL which requires anyone receiving that instance
has access to the Virtual Sources needed for modification.

that is exactly the meaning of a free good!

not a public good (controlled by state, or limited: army, public space)

not a common  good (limited: fishery, common ancestral land property)

not a private/club good,(only accessible to owners)

its free, everyone could copy/reproduce/modify/use/distribute it
once developed, its free, you can have/produce infinities copies of
it, and the possessor of that copy could do whatever he/she wants with

Diego Saravia
Contact: projekt

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