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[ox-en] Re: Self-unfolding?

Hi Benja and list,

thank you for your explanation:

B. Fallenstein wrote:
> I guess I can answer this, because I had very similar associations on
> reading the word for the first time. "Unfolding" sounds like unfolding
> a paper, for example a letter folded to fit into an envelope.
> Self-unfolding sounds like a paper that... unfolds itself. I
> understand that's where Graham's idea of a clockwork mechanism comes
> from-- after all, there must be something *in* the paper that makes it
> unfold... :-)
> See e.g.
> I would say the problem is that "unfolding" is simply not the same as
> "Entfaltung" in German.

Well, taking Selbstentfaltung literally, it is the same in german. I
think, this is the origin, where it comes from: something, which unfolds
itself (e.g. a book for children with self-unfolding pages buildung some
3D-stuff). Using this at the first time in other contexts, this sounded
as strange as now "self-unfolding" for english speaking people.

Yes, there something *in* me that makes me unfold... :-)
And this is my personal "mechanism", my personality and my uniqueness.

Sounds strange?

>>If "self-development" sound yuppie-like as self realization in new
>>economy, I would prefer a new unusual term e.g. self-unfolding. A new
>>term can be a provocation to lead one to some good questions.
> Yes, but maybe we can find a more intuitive one than self-unfolding?

Can we?

Your google test results in exactly that kind of mixture what I want to
avoid. Your google search showed, that it might be not possible to find
an intuitive term. All intuitive words are too close to old thinking.
Does this self-unfolding make it complicate to understand Stefan in the

You see: I try to check, if it is possible to stay with self-unfolding.
Maybe I am wrong.


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