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Re: [ox-en] Free time (was: Re: Free administration)

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On Saturday 15 December 2001 04:15, you wrote:
Hi Benja et al,

B. Fallenstein wrote:
 >>IMHO Nadev is perfectly right here. As I tried to point out in the
 >>interview, the core idea in Free Software is not the openness in
 >>itself but the freedom. An open project consisting of people somehow
 >>forced to work in that project has only the advantage of being
 >>non-secret - which in a democratic society should be a fundamental
 >>feature anyway.
 > Reading this, I was wondering how to put this important aspect of
 > free software freedom and self-unfolding in a short phrase and came
 > up with: "Free as in free speech, but also free as in free time,"
 > suggesting that when self-unfolding, you (try to) spend your time
 > in the way you spend your "free time:" doing what you enjoy doing,
 > instead of what shows on your payroll.

Great! A was always looking for a modification of the well known
FSF-Slogan "free as in free speech, not free as in free beer". I though
about "free as in free speech and in free beer", but that misses the
point, because free does not say anything about price. Price is another
dimension indirectly influenced by the 4 freedom's (working against
scarcity which is essential for money-making).

I've never really liked the term "Free Software" for the reason of confusion 
with "free beer" instead of "free speach".  Some Open Source advocates use 
their term as mearly a replacement for "Free Software".  I don't accept this 
because "Open Source" is defined elsewhere to be more than just a replacement 
and contains the connotation of "freedom is good as long as it is pragmatic". 
 I am still looking for a term that is not confusing to a person who is a 
native English speaker and can bring over nearly the same connotations as 
"Free Software".  Perhaps the more Latin-based "libreware" (Liberty Software) 
would work.

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Timm Murray

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