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[ox-en] Free Software -> Libreware or Liberation Software

I've never really liked the term "Free Software" for the reason of
me neither

"Free Software".  Perhaps the more Latin-based "libreware" (Liberty

"Libreware" is actually in use in some Spanish speaking countries and
Brazil, is it not?

I was going to suggest "Liberation Software".
Not only de-emphasizing the free as in beer confusion, but emphasizing that
it increases freedoms and room for self-enfolding.  I guess we can then
derogatorially refer to that other software as OppressionWare. :)

well, like everything else, no point in trying to dictate some term.  We
have both thrown out some ideas.  We'll see what happens.  I think I will
stop using Free Software and use one or the other or both.

On a side note, I have been hoping to come up with some term "Liberation
______" for a philosophy in general.  A parallel term to Liberation
Theology, but definitely not a theology.

One of the aspects of any "new society" I would be interested that it has
liberated people from cohercion, domination, oppression which is preventing
what I am learning to call their self-enfolding.

...or maybe " ____ Liberation", "Self-enfolding Liberation", hmmmm.....


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