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[ox-en] Free Software -> Libreware or Liberation Software

Hi everyone,

"Claude" == I Claude Harper <tekell> writes:

    >> I've never really liked the term "Free Software" for the reason
    >> of
    Claude> confusion me neither

    >> "Free Software".  Perhaps the more Latin-based "libreware"
    >> (Liberty

    Claude> "Libreware" is actually in use in some Spanish speaking
    Claude> countries and Brazil, is it not?

    Claude> I was going to suggest "Liberation Software".  Not only
    Claude> de-emphasizing the free as in beer confusion, but
    Claude> emphasizing that it increases freedoms and room for
    Claude> self-enfolding.  I guess we can then derogatorially refer
    Claude> to that other software as OppressionWare. :)

Wouldn't ``Liberated Software'' be more apt than ``Liberation

Of course, this whole semantic debate appears a tad over-the-board
IMHO.  Why the heck do we get so caught up in words that we forget
what they are referring to?  I dislike RMS' harping on about GNU/Linux
as much as the debate between ``Open Source'' and ``Free Software''.
All we know is what WE want, and no one ever asks what the 99.9999% of
people on this earth who wouldn't give a damn whether it's called free
software or junkware or whatever require.  Building intellectual
castles in the air is an interesting pastime, no doubt, but let's get
back to earth once in a while and instead of defining and discussing
ideals see how to sell them to the putative man on the street.

/me ponders a white paper entitled, `Fascination with Words: the Rise
and Fall of the GNU Empire'.

    Claude> well, like everything else, no point in trying to dictate
    Claude> some term.  We have both thrown out some ideas.  We'll see
    Claude> what happens.  I think I will stop using Free Software and
    Claude> use one or the other or both.


-- Raju

P.S.  Flames welcome :-) Have a look at the recent FSF-India mailing
list archives (currently only open to members for some strange reason)
at if you want more
ammunition for indicting me.

P.P.S.  Member since 2000 or something -- I Don't Read Slashdot ;-)

    Claude> On a side note, I have been hoping to come up with some
    Claude> term "Liberation ______" for a philosophy in general.  A
    Claude> parallel term to Liberation Theology, but definitely not a
    Claude> theology.

    Claude> One of the aspects of any "new society" I would be
    Claude> interested that it has liberated people from cohercion,
    Claude> domination, oppression which is preventing what I am
    Claude> learning to call their self-enfolding.

    Claude> ...or maybe " ____ Liberation", "Self-enfolding
    Claude> Liberation", hmmmm.....

Raju Mathur          raju 
                     It is the mind that moves

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