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RE: [ox-en] word social forum/stallman/patents

Graham Seaman:

But what does it mean if the tactics are derived from a
'metaphysical world-view'? Are they necessarily wrong?
Or does it weaken the arguments and make it harder to
get support for them?

Those are big questions, and I wasn't trying in my post to make such
ambitious claims.  But now that you mention it, I do in fact believe that it
is impossible to base truly radical theory and practice on metaphysical
premises.  I think many (but certainly not most) of today's progressive
movements have lost effectiveness by adopting them.  But that's a topic for
another list, oder?

Since everyone keeps mentioning him, guess I'll have to
read some Negri (I know nothing about him). Can you
recommend any particular work to give me some idea?

The most accessible work is: Hardt, Michael and Negri, Antonio, Empire,
Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press; 2000 (ISBN:0674006712).  In my
none-too-popular opinion, that book represents the state of the art in how
to cloak reactionary metaphysics in a progressive disguise.



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