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Re: [ox-en] word social forum/stallman/patents

Graham Seaman wrote:

On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, John Norem wrote:

I'm not aware of Stalin justifications from Negri or Hardt,
It's only one line, and may just have been badly reported, but:
'Pese a todo, Stalin logró hacer avanzar a la URSS en términos de
productividad, a niveles que los talibanes no han logrado.'
(interview from El Pais)

 but the
generation_online is conducting an ongoing reading of _Empire_.
You might check be interested in that.
Couldn't get past the front page there, but found it at:

Negri's _The Politics of
Subversion_ and Negri and Guattari's _Communists Like Us_ are good
places to start I think. But I'm just a beginner.
At what?

At reading Spanish for one. Any english translation available?

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