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Re: [ox-en] a flame of sorts

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Wow, that sure degenerated quickly.

How do you know that none of the people on this list have been involved in 
efforts along the lines being discussed here?  Personally, I have been 
involved with the Freenet project (which you mention near the beggining of 
your message) for two years at some level of involvement or another.  My 
current efforts (in between work and classes) are going into setting up a 
freely available wireless MAN in my area, which is also in line with the 
discussions on this list.

On Thursday 07 February 2002 18:51, you wrote:
Hi this might be considered a flame of sorts by some, but i am curious
to know the list member's position on this.  Then, the list has been
kind of dead lately.

Also,be warned,  some explicit words here.  Sorry about typos.
There is some practical information here. and i decided to copy it
all the way up, to save the readers some time.

-Free software, true radicalism and demagogy.-
Free software, independent content on the internet and peer-to peer
and group communication via the internet (chats, mailinglists, forums,
etc)are the basis and the only source of informationall freedom we enjoy
right now.

If you are seeking a form of active involvement in human history at
the moment, Your duty- to your goal, there is only one true duty- is
to become a single independent battle unit, while at the same time
promoting freedom of information ( some in Open source are against
being assosiated with the term. Let them be. After all, as any
universally appealing social concept, Gnu/Open Source largely depends
on who is interpreting it, Freedom is in the eye of the giver.)

As evolution theory shows, life itself is based on freedom, and, as
human society becomes more homogenous and thus approaching a state of
a semi-evolved being with an underdeveloped nervous system,
informational exchange becomes paramount for it's existence.
And, because society is soooo dependent on information today, controll
and cenzorship of information is almost impossible.

I would suggest that anyone serious enough to take direct action pay
close attention to personal cryptography, peer-to peer anonymous
communication tools such as FreeNet and the attempts to create a truly
anonymous internet.
Popularizing Linux and GNU is another way of directly impacting the
The decentralization of production of goods and information is going
to affect the world even more than the appearance of the printing
press or the internet.
And the means of such production depend on easily available and
custimizable development tools, such as GNU on the software end, and
the now evolving universal production modules/parts- small factories/
3d printers/etc.

But perhaps you find pleasure in peverse reading of useless commentary
by the likes of silly in
Go learn some C language or HTML and actually do something.

We have to start  promoting individual responcibility and freedom.
and we have to start with ourselves.  What software are you using?

Today's humans are going through a process of turbo-evolution. It can
be safely presumed that people not able to filter information- that
haven't developed an individual life model- are in a significant
We"ll see where it goes.
Oh, in case you haven't heard, the Japanese have just announced an
artificial woumb will be available in 5 years. So if Europe will
accept the fact that it's duying out on one hand and should stop
admitting emigrants on the other, and embraces the technology, some
interesting developments could be made....

--------Start of Flame---------

is impossible to base truly radical theory and practice on metaphysical

bullshit and useless crap.
Is believing that you are your world and only you are responcible for
you life metaphysicall? it certainly is braver than blaming it all on
society that you all are doing. Societies are  systems, not goddamn
moral values or humans. Go learn some systems analysis or chaos theory
or whatever. why the empty talk?

Stop worrying about other people. Start with yourself.

Let the bastards accept responcibility for their lives or die out.

I myself am russian, working as an information architect/problem
solver of sorts in NY NY- /no, i do not plan to emigrate to the US/

I can safely assume that russia in the last ten years was the most
free country in human history - in terms of lack of bullshit our
people bought.

Idealism is just another form of slavery.

It does, however, bond society. The press has been very sensitive
about how everyone in NY after sep 11 started having unsafe sex and
THEY GONNA DIE, the poor bastards.

Most russians know this from birth. Thus the wild drinking and sex :)
Anyways, it is always so hillarious to find a bunch of intellectuals
like  the ones present here talking about sociall implications while
doing nothing.
Am i wrong? Please  correct me.

To get to some actuall practicall info.

Sure, you intellectual wimp, go read Harvard University Press ISBN
BULLSHIt to find out what true radicalism is.
You wanna know what it is? No, you don't. All it is is thinking for
Don't pay taxes if you don't support the government. If you are a
neo-bhuddist, and all you freaks are some form of clean crap harm
no-one PC believers, don't reproduce.
Have a near-death experience- easilly avaliable via meditation,
dissasotiative drugs- less harmfull than alchohol, by the way, or even
good-old sensory deprivation in a tank.

I can almost certainly presume that you have not done that.
And no, it has to be a voluntary death trip on your part, accidents
don't count.


- -- 
Some people claim that the UNIX learning curve is steep, but at least you 
only have to climb it once.
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