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Re: [ox-en] a flame of sorts

Hi Petr!

2 days ago petr pomorov wrote:
Hi this might be considered a flame of sorts by some, but i am curious
to know the list member's position on this.

Actually I did not fully understand what you're trying to say. "Be
radical" "Do something practical" - is this what you wanted to say?

May be I'll feed the troll, but some answers.

Then, the list has been
kind of dead lately.

Bah, such a bad entertainment sometimes...

If you are seeking a form of active involvement in human history at
the moment, Your duty- to your goal, there is only one true duty- is
to become a single independent battle unit,

A single independent battle unit. Hmm... Sounds very emancipatory...

My impression is the countless "single independent battle unit"s on
two legs are more a part of the problem than of the solution...

As evolution theory shows, life itself is based on freedom,

Ahm, I'd say, that the notion of freedom does not make much sense in
nature. So it can't apply to the sort of life the evolution theory
talks about.

I would suggest that anyone serious enough to take direct action pay
close attention to personal cryptography, peer-to peer anonymous
communication tools such as FreeNet and the attempts to create a truly
anonymous internet.

Why? Personally I like to have contact with real persons. I don't like
persons hiding behind pseudonyms - may be I have to many bad
experiences with this. However, sitting in Germany this is (still)
easy to say...

Popularizing Linux and GNU is another way of directly impacting the

I guess most of the people here and on the German list are doing that.
I for one to name an example.

The decentralization of production of goods and information is going
to affect the world even more than the appearance of the printing
press or the internet.
And the means of such production depend on easily available and
custimizable development tools, such as GNU on the software end, and
the now evolving universal production modules/parts- small factories/
3d printers/etc.

This is totally in-line with what Oekonux is saying.

But perhaps you find pleasure in peverse reading of useless commentary
by the likes of silly in

Well, after all we *do* something instead of TV watching. And in
opposite to many mailing lists I have been on, the Oekonux project
mailing lists have lots of results - and lots of success. So I think
Oekonux *is* moving something already.

Go learn some C language or HTML and actually do something.

Hmm, how about Z80 hex dump and assembler, M68K Assembler, Pascal, C,
C++, Prolog, Java, Lisp, Fortran (not actively), Cobol (not really),
Shell-Scripting, Perl, HTML, XML, XML Schema, XSLT. Sure I forgot

And yes, lately I found the time to release some free software of
mine. Not much and there's more in the queue (if Oekonux lets me...),
but it's a start.

We have to start  promoting individual responcibility and freedom.
and we have to start with ourselves.  What software are you using?

Ahm, GNU/Linux, Emacs, MH, tcsh, Mozilla, TkDesk, StarOffice, SDF,
Make, the programming languages above, many more Free Software. Is
that ok with you?

Stop worrying about other people. Start with yourself.

We'll remember that...

Sure, you intellectual wimp, go read Harvard University Press ISBN
BULLSHIt to find out what true radicalism is.
You wanna know what it is? No, you don't. All it is is thinking for

...until here. Seems like an obvious contradiction to me :-( .

And BTW: I don't think radicalism is an end in itself.

Don't pay taxes if you don't support the government. If you are a
neo-bhuddist, and all you freaks are some form of clean crap harm
no-one PC believers, don't reproduce.
Have a near-death experience- easilly avaliable via meditation,
dissasotiative drugs- less harmfull than alchohol, by the way, or even
good-old sensory deprivation in a tank.

I can almost certainly presume that you have not done that.
And no, it has to be a voluntary death trip on your part, accidents
don't count.

Ahm, I guess one from the German list did already stuff like that.
Seems you don't know what you're talking about really.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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