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Re: Re[2]: [ox-en] a flame of sorts

Hi Petr!

I can't remember whether I said this before: You missed some answers
to your original post because mail to your address bounced. Please
check the archive.

Last month (40 days ago) petr pomorov wrote:
Thank you for your reply. The trolls are fed.


I still don't understand you partly. I'll simply skip these parts.

sorry it took some
time- flu.

For me it's just the (usual) overload...

I believe that we both support that education of people is
the most important task, no?

No. Free Software people didn't need anybody educating them. I think
this says something.

SM>  And in
SM> opposite to many mailing lists I have been on, the Oekonux project
SM> mailing lists have lots of results - and lots of success.
could you say which ones were most important ones from your point of
view? This is very interesting to me.

On the German list I recently tried to outline exactly that. If I
reduce it to one aspect, I'd say the most important thing is, that
we're exploring the model of productive forces
("Produktivkraftmodell") of the next society universal
selbstentfaltung being the basis of it.

SM> So I think
SM> Oekonux *is* moving something already.
Some person i heard /smile/  is working on a TV sattelite jamming project.
This is soooo exciting, no /smile/

Well, you seem to be good in destroying things and like that. I wonder
whether you think we still do not have enough destruction in this
world. Well, Mr. Bush at least has this opinion as it seems.

SM> And yes, lately I found the time to release some free software of
SM> mine. Not much and there's more in the queue (if Oekonux lets me...),
SM> but it's a start.
Please tell more. I for one consider this very in topic

Just google.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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