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Re: [ox-en] OT: KDE

Hi all,

On Sunday 09 June 2002 22:57, Stefan Merten wrote:
Actually KDE to me it seems to get more and more a product produced
for selling it. Especially SuSE seems to put a lot on pressure on KDE
people here. So if the quality of KDE drops in such an important area
as stability this is a hint that the theory is correct after which
only self-unfolding produces maximum quality whereas products created
in alienation fall behind.

I like KDE, and I use it as my favourite desktop. However, you are right: 
The release policy is shit. They released KDE 3.0 too fast and full of 
bugs. This was due to "abstract" dates: CeBit-Expo or new SuSE 
distribution. I was very angry about that:-(

No. I'm still happy with `fvwm2' (heavily configured for maximum
keyboard control of course).

KDE (or GNOME) is for win converts like me:-)


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