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Re: [ox-en] OT: KDE

Hi Thomas and list!

3 days ago Thomas Uwe Gruettmueller wrote:
On Monday, 3. June 2002 01:26, Stefan Merten wrote:

And KDE seems pretty well-known to Windows users.

Exactly. :o(

Including the instability as it seems to me. All too often I saw KDE
crashing. May be it depends on who is using it - and it seemingly
feels I don't like it ;-) .

Actually KDE to me it seems to get more and more a product produced
for selling it. Especially SuSE seems to put a lot on pressure on KDE
people here. So if the quality of KDE drops in such an important area
as stability this is a hint that the theory is correct after which
only self-unfolding produces maximum quality whereas products created
in alienation fall behind.

Of course you *may* choose differently if you like - that's
part of your freedom, but with modern distributions you can
simply rely on what others decided.

Do you use KDE, yourself?

No. I'm still happy with `fvwm2' (heavily configured for maximum
keyboard control of course).

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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