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Re: [ox-en] writings on the problems of standardisation of Open Source software - update

On Sun, Jun 09, 2002 at 10:38:56PM [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], Stefan Merten wrote:


Last week (9 days ago) joy wrote:
to have 'too many apps' is no reason for not-use a special bs,

Hey, that reminds me of the time when the main argument against
GNU/Linux was: There are no applications. Does this tell us something
;-) . Seems like GNU/Linux simply can't do it right - at least to some

yes it seems so, ideology rules, in this case some kind of 'microsoft-ideology'. but on the other hand he is right in a way that the microsoft-os's comes with a set of tools (ie, outlook, etc.) which people get used to. cause it is so widespread software-companies take it as a quasi standard and invest only in helper-apps which relyies on this quasi-standard, or make similar apps which look-like very like the ms ones.
more obvious is the chain you described that ms is very succesfull in the hardware sector, providing his os with mostly all selled consumer-pc, or getting also in the education-sector providing schools and universitys with pcs with ready installed microsoft-os. so when people think of computer their automatically think of 'ms-windows'.
thinking of it in a pesimistic way it seems that most people are happy with this kind of monocultur cause they have not to decide between different alternatives, they get a ready made consumer-pc with a more or less working os and a set of basic tools with which they can start to work, and thats fine for them.
its like some wrong critics on capitalizm, that people always want more freedom or democraty, at least in the software-sector this could be stated as non-true, they don't want alternatives and difficult decisions between different systems, they want that someone will decide for them, in this case microsoft.
in eastern-europe there is also another influence which is good for microsoft or the closed-source-system. because microsoft is american and represantates some kind of capitalistic success story there is always the 'wrong taste of freedom', which you can buy with every microsoft product or coca-cola.



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