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Re: [ox-en] Spreading the word

A few notes just to say I agree... 

How does it help getting Gnu/Marxism discussed in
theory, rather than getting people actually

 I were adopting Pierre Bourdieus analysis of how the
neo-liberal hegemonic counter-offensive was planed a
decade before its take-over in the 80's. The captains
of industry vision a chain of influence from the
'Mathematician' down to the rightwing party-parrot.
Their first step were to change the academia, through
conservative thinkthanks, funds, right-wing
publishing, obscure libertarian journals etc. Not to
say that we should (nor indeed could) mimic their
hegemonic ambitions. But in my mind it goes to show
that they knew (know), that a semic shift in theory
would, in unexpected and intangible ways, trickle down
to the street and parliament. It is not a question of
'either go for theory or for involvement', they are
one and the same.

Hmm... I guess you belong to that minority that
showed up in the FLOSS
survey that see an absolute division between the two

No! Absolutely no. I can even admit that the
corrupting involvement of corporations in open source
can be positive, to the extent that it causes
unexpected and (to them) unfortunate chain-reactions.
But I believe that the outcome of those reactions
depends on the ideological awareness of the community
(if it can establish itself as a political subject, so
to speak). Again, this is the reason why I believe
theory (Marxism) to be important.  

Do you have any pointers for Tiziana Terranova's

No. I found an extract of her work in a swedish
journal, in english the source is: >Free labor.
Producing culture for the digital economy<
Social Text 63, vol.18, no.2, 2000


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