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Re: [ox-en] It is time to talk about free software

On Fri, Oct 18, 2002, Guzin PESTIMALCIOGLU wrote about "RE: [ox-en] It is time to talk about free software":
ohhhhh really big mistake again!!
I thought in Turkish and wrote it in English...
From: Graham Seaman [graham]
But isn't it usually 'dystopian' rather than 'dystopic'? (after all,
it's 'utopian', not 'utopic'...)


While "utopian" is indeed the recognized form of the adjective, it's not
suprising someone would think "utopic" was the correct form, for example
if comparing it to "myopia" (nearsightedness) and the adjective "myopic",
or to similar pairs like "academia, academic", "encyclopedia, encyclopedic",

The word "dystopia" is in fact legal: my trusty 10-pound Random House
Unabridged Dictionary defines it as:

	dystopia, n. A society characterized by human misery, as qualor,
	oppression, disease, and overcrowding. Cf. utopia. [1865-70
        DYS- + (U)TOPIA]

        dystopian, adj.
	dystopianism, n.

But I consider this word a strange invention. After all, the "u" in utopia
comes from the greek word "ou", meaning "no". So negating it by changing
the "u" to "dys" is a little strange :)

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