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[ox-en] On Lessig

(I will champion Lessigs honour) 

Hi Alan!

I believe we are in agreement in principal, but I
would like to defend Lessig (like Naomi Klein or many
other anti-globalisation writers) as important allies
in a 'division of strategy'. They have cut of all
references to Marxist and anarchist litterature, which
is a grave accademic infringement, but it makes sense
rethorically. In spirit, their analysis is breathing
Marxism. Lessig explained in a mail, on my inquiry on
his relation to Marxism, that he "tried to tell people
things they didnt want to hear without sending them
running". I guess that if you are operating in US and
dont want to be totally marginalised, you have to
praise entreprenueral spirit, private property etc. in
order to be heard when delivering any criticism of it.

I'm definitly not saying this is enough on a grander
scale of public debate. Someone has to work in the
margins to push the limits of the acceptable, and to
seek understanding beyond the crippled intellectual
toolbox offered by hegemony. That's us. I hope the
congress is really successful and, Alah willing, we
get that book of the ground. 


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