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Re: [ox-en] Re: Empire-discussions (was Re: [rox] Invitation / Einladung 2. Oekonux-Konferenz)

alan <alan> wrote:
[...] the outrages tht have occurred relentlessly in the area of
intellectual property in the last decade. [...]

I'm surprised that subscribers on this list are using the term "intellectual
property".  Don't you mean "ideas"?  This is another problem: our opponents
are defining the jargon that is being used in the discussions.  If you don't
control the language, it makes it even more difficult to control the agenda. 

How can we turn the tables on them?  Some work is being done to associate
DRM with "Digital Restriction Methods" but people seem to be lying down and
taking their IP.  Is the war lost already?



Thread: oxenT00604 Message: 6/8 L2 [In index]
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